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Hogs Take A Break From Hockey

09/30/2009 3:25 PM - Mike Peck
With Opening Night still four days away, the IceHogs did a little team building today. The coaching staff decided to not practice today and instead do a team bowling outing.

We’ll have some fun video of the bowling on out Web site soon and it looked like the guys were having a great time.

Some notes about the team bowling:

-Assistant Equipment Manager Tim Clive was probably the top bowler today.  In one game he actually nailed eight straight strikes. It was nine pin strikes, but still impressive.

-Wade Flaherty was also solid, as was Akim Aliu.

-Not sure who made the teams, but Richard Petiot was “stuck” on a team with a bunch of rookies. He was clearly carrying the team!

Back to the hockey side, the Blackhawks will be making a bunch of roster moves soon. All the players are over in Europe so all the players that will be reassigned to the IceHogs will not be here for Sunday’s opener in Peoria as the Hawks squad will travel back together. 

Rockford’s roster could receive a major make over before the team even takes the ice for an official game as up to seven players could end up on the IceHogs roster.  So stayed tuned for that.

Tomorrow it’s back to hockey and there could be another cut or two made from Rockford camp. The team will now begin to focus specifically on Sunday and Peoria.

Reaching The Peak Of Training Camp

09/25/2009 1:41 PM - Mike Peck

Tonight is preseason game #2 for the IceHogs and with mostly regulars in the lineup, the game will be a good measuring stick to gage where the team is at.

Once again, like Wednesday, I wouldn’t draw many conclusions from tonight or even tomorrow night’s contest. But at the same time, there are some players still battling for a spot on next week’s final roster.  On a side note, whether or not Chicago decides to keep Bryan Bickell and Rob Klinkhammer on their roster as they head out to Europe tonight, will impact how many players get axed from Rockford’s roster come next week.

Mark Bernard mentioned today that the IceHogs will probably trim the roster down to 23 by the time the Oct. 4 opener Peoria rolls around. Right now there are 26 players on the IceHogs preseason roster after Thursday’s recalls and releases. If Bickell and Klinkhammer get sent back to Rockford, up to five players will get reassigned or released. One of those three-five players, no matter what, will be a goalie.

Speaking of the goalie situation, Bill Peters said the goal (no pun intended) was to start each of the three goalies this week. Joe Palmer got the nod Wednesday so he’ll more than likely sit out tonight in Peoria with Joe Fallon or Alec Richards starting and backing up.  Whichever goalie backs up tonight should start tomorrow in Rockford.

Danny Bois and Richard Petiot did clear waivers and were in Rockford this morning. Both will not play Friday night in Peoria, however, but could play on Saturday at the MetroCentre.

As of now, the IceHogs have 14 forwards, nine defenseman and three goalies on the roster. The IceHogs will probably try trimming the lineup down to 12 forwards, seven d-men and two goalies.  The only tweak could come with an extra blue-liner and one less forward.

Stay tuned to on Friday night as Chris Etheridge will be in Peoria updating the Web site throughout the game.