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Tallon Conference Call Transcript

07/15/2009 8:54 PM - From (link)

Senior Advisor Dale Tallon spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon via conference call to discuss his new position with the Blackhawks, the reasons for the move and more. Below are some excerpts:

Initial thoughts on being re-assigned to Senior Advisor...

Tallon: Well, I am very fortunate to be with the Blackhawks and I am comfortable with the position that I am in right now. I am in a good place, and I’m still working with the Chicago Blackhawks; it runs deep into my blood. I’m passionate about the Chicago Blackhawks and I have an opportunity to help this team win a Stanley Cup. I am very fortunate.

On why he was told he was being re-assigned...

It was a situation where [President John McDonough and I] both agreed it was best for the franchise, so we had a cordial discussion and he wanted to take this team into a different direction and I was fine with it. Even though my position has changed, my goal has not. All I want to do is win the Stanley Cup, and I will continue to do that for the next three years. That brings me up to 2012 and the discussion was very cordial, very business-like, and we agreed that this was best for the franchise.

On the paperwork situation with the Blackhawks' restricted free agents...

Like I said last week, we have discussed this and put this to bed. We filed the paperwork later than we normally do. We should have filed it sooner as we have in the past. An issue came up because of the lateness of the mailing and we were able to fulfill our obligations and qualify and sign all the players that had to be qualified. We were satisfied with what we did and I take full responsibility for the lateness of it, but that’s what happened.

On being in a meaninful role within the organization...

Oh, without a doubt. I am very close and have worked closely with Stan Bowman. I have worked closely with the organization. My position has changed, but I will be scouting and helping Stan out in every possible way to make sure that the Blackhawks reach their goal of winning the Stanley Cup. I’ll do whatever is asked of me. I am very confident that I will be able to give them some valuable insight and make this team better. We're on the same page. We want to win the Cup and I will do everything in my power to help Stan do that.

On whether he saw this move coming...

There’s never a right time for this. You know, in this job you’re always prepared to make sure that you’re ready for whatever might come your way. It’s a day-to-day situation and there’s never a right time or wrong time. I am comfortable with the decision. I am still with a great organization and I will continue to be with them till at least 2012, which will give me 35 years with the organization. I feel like I have a lot to give and I am excited about my new role.”

On his response to Martin Havlat's comments on Twitter suggesting that John McDonough was heavily involved in his negotiations...

I don’t read Twitter, but the contract negotiations go on between every player and myself.

On where Havlat got the idea from...

I don’t know. And I have not talked to him about it.

On his relationship with Havlat...

I think if you asked all of our players they would think I had a good relationship with them, and of course we wanted to re-sign the players that we had here and wanted to have a great success, but we were unable to come to an agreement so we moved on. All we wanted to do was make our team better. It happened for a reason and we care about our future, so we're just going to move on. I wish him all the best and I am confident that our team will be successful.

On whether he'll be a GM again someday...

Right now I am focusing on winning the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks, and if we have success then who knows what will happen. But my goal right now is to do everything in my power to get to the Stanley Cup Finals and win the Cup.

On why he agreed with McDonough that this move was best for the franchise...

Well, I think you have to take advantage of all the assets you have. The more assets, the more people involved where they are good, the better chance you have of winning. That’s always been my motto, and I’ve always wanted to do what’s best for the franchise, and we feel that this is the best strategy. I’m looking forward to this job.

On whether he'll continue traveling around the world evaluating talent...

I said whatever it takes. I love traveling. I love going to the rinks. I love to watch the kids play. I love scouting and drafting, and I love getting effectively better at what I do. I will continue to do that. I will do whatever it takes for the Blackhawks to win and become a successful franchise.

On Stan Bowman's readiness for the GM position...

I’ve been with Stan a long time and he’s more than qualified. He is very intelligent and a very knowledgeable guy in all aspects of the game. He’s a good judge of talent and he’s very good with the numbers. He’s more than qualified.

On potential communication issues with McDonough and the organization...

Well, obviously there was. There was no intent, but obviously sometimes it just happens; when you’re traveling a lot, you’re on the road a lot, and you’ve got a lot of things on your plate. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, but there was never any intent.

On his relationship with McDonough professionally and personally...

It’s a very good relationship. We are very open and honest. We're both different. We have different styles, but the whole organization has different people in different styles and we all want to achieve the same goal. We both are open and honest with our opinions. We know exactly where each other stands and I respect his abilities. I have learned a lot and become a better person. I am excited about moving on and learning more from him. Our goals are the same and we look forward to winning the Stanley Cup. That’s our goal.

On whether he's heard from any current players since the announcement...

Oh yeah, well, they understand that I will still be a big part of their lives and I have an open line of communication with them, and as I said, it’s all about winning and our team. These guys are incredible kids and players. Now as I’ve said numerous times before, they have character; they’re going to be successful, and they’ll get the job done. It’s been all positive. Every conversation has been very positive. Half a dozen players have called so far, but that’s not important to me. I know where they all come from. I know what they feel.

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