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Getting To Know... John Madden

10/26/2009 9:00 AM

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From (link) catches up with two-time Stanley Cup champion
John Madden to discuss why he made the move to Chicago, his famous name and more.

Why was Chicago the right fit for you now?

Madden: I think for me it was a very good decision because I watched Chicago play last year... I watched them play in the playoffs and I'm real confident in the team, the coach and the ability they have. I believe we can win a Stanley Cup. That’s what I want to be a part of.

Why did you choose number 11?

That was my dad’s number when I was a little kid and I've worn it since I was really young, all the way up to juniors. I wore 18 through juniors and college. When I got to New Jersey, they didn’t let you choose your own numbers there, but they just gave me number 11. I was really happy with that and just stuck with it the whole time.

You spent four years at Michigan before the Devils. Who do you hate more: the Rangers or the Buckeyes?


Who is the best teammate you’ve had in your NHL career and why?

Jay Pandolfo. We just got along so well and had so much success on and off the ice and in terms of a friendship. We just enjoy each other’s company and we enjoy playing together. When you’re going to the rink, and even when things just aren’t going well, just being around him was a lot of fun.


Madden hoists the Cup in 2003.

What did you do for your days with the Stanley Cup?

The first time I had it I took it to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for a couple hours, and then I did a golf tournament with it with a bunch of old friends from Toronto. I threw a little party at night so anybody who missed the golf tournament could come by and get a picture, and stuff like that…nothing really exciting.

The second time I had a little more of a personal party with it at my lake house in Connecticut. I actually had it for two days and we had friends come from all over the place and everybody would just stop by and just have fun with it for a couple days.

What song are you listening to the most on your iPod?

Oh boy, I would have to say… I don’t know, I listen to everything, not just one song or artists. I suppose Kid Rock.

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

There have been so many… I really like all of the "Bourne Identity" movies.

What actor would you like to see play you in a movie?

Will Smith.

What talent or hobby would Blackhawks fans be surprised to know you have?

Zero. Nothing. No, I’m just kidding. I like to do a lot of things, but I guess they wouldn’t be surprised that my big hobbies are golfing and fishing. I love to fish.

How often have you been confused with the “other”
John Madden?

Over the phone several times, but never in person. Once they see that I’m about 200 pounds lighter than he is and six inches smaller, it’s easy to tell the difference.