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Youth Hockey

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Have your team come out to see the IceHogs play during the 2017-18 season. Help sell tickets to the game and your team will be eligible for the following:
Ticket Prices
Lower Level Sideline $22
Lower Level Endzone $19
Upper Level Sideline $15
Upper Level Endzone $10
The IceHogs offer several different activities for your Youth Hockey Team to participate in at IceHogs games. Click on the options below for more information on how to give your team a unique, up close experience and an upcoming game!
Play like the Pros! Play a game, complete with a goal horn, music and more, out on the BMO Harris Bank Center ice!

Tunnel Team - High-five the IceHogs as they head out onto the ice before the start of the game!

Dream Team - Get introduced to the crowd and line up with the IceHogs before the start of the game!

Intermission Activity - Choose from three activites to entertain the crowd during an intermission!

Game Before the Game - Play a game on the BMO Harris Bank Center ice just like the IceHogs!
Penalty Free Hockey - Get rewarded for your team completing a game without a penalty!

Tunnel Team

A “Tunnel Team” is made up of a team who waits behind the inflatable Hog’s Head for the IceHogs to come out for player and team introductions. The “Tunnel Team” can stand with the IceHogs as the pre-game video is playing on the video board and then high-five the players as they go out onto the ice for the game.


Lower Sidelines 20 ticket minimum
Lower Endzones 20 ticket minimum
Upper Sidelines 25 ticket minimum
Upper Endzones 25 ticket minimum



Dream Team

A “Dream Team” is made up of a team that is introduced to the crowd before the pre-game video plays. As the skaters are introduced individually they skate through the inflatable Hog’s Head and line up between the blue lines on the ice. They stay through the IceHogs team introductions and line up with the team for the National Anthem. (Note: Participation is capped at a maximum of 15 skaters)

Upper Endzones 75 ticket minimum
Upper Sidelines 60 ticket minimum
Lower Endzones 45 ticket minimum
Lower Sidelines 40 ticket minimum

Intermission Activity

Have your team take the ice during the first intermission of an IceHogs game! Your team will get to skate in front of a packed BMO Harris Bank Center. Teams can select to do a shootout, scrimmage or participate in a relay race out on the ice. (Note: Participation is limited to one (1) team)

Upper Endzones 75 ticket minimum
Upper Sidelines 60 ticket minimum
Lower Endzones 45 ticket minimum
Lower Sidelines 40 ticket minimum

*To participate in both a Dream Team and Intermission Activity, there is a minimum of 70 tickets for the lower sidelines, 80 tickets for the lower endzone, 100 tickets for the upper sidelines, 125 tickets for the upper endzone, required.


Game before the Game

Your team will have exclusive access to use the BMO Harris Bank center ice for a hour and a half before an IceHogs game. Teams can select to play a competitive game where we will provide a score keeper, however referees will not be provided. The games will include a five minute warm-up and three 20-minute periods with a running clock. Changing areas will also be provided.

Upper Endzones 100 ticket minimum
Upper Sidelines 80 ticket minimum
Lower Endzones 60 ticket minimum
Lower Sidelines 50 ticket minimum


Penalty Free Hockey

Did your youth hockey team play a complete game (win, loss or tie) without committing a penalty? We want to reward your clean play! Scan, email (, mail or fax (815-380-6410) a copy of the official game sheet to McKenna Ryan and every player on the team will receive a free ticket to a select IceHogs game. Additional tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate. Excludes Saturday games and limited to one (1) penalty free team per IceHogs game. Please include a contact number to schedule game date.



Fundraising IdeaCheckPresentation1516.jpg
Sign-up to do a ticket fundraiser through the IceHogs and get a group of 50 or more to purchase tickets at the $15 fundraising price level and automatically receive $5 back on each ticket sold. Click here for more information about fundraisers with the IceHogs.

For more information about our Youth Hockey Group Packages, contact McKenna Ryan at (815) 847-6386 or via e-mail at